Personal Coaching

Lets make a deal… I’ll be honest with you if you be honest with me.

Honestly, a little over a week ago I spent a rather large sum of money hiring a guy to write me a sales page for my personal coaching. I’m sure you have seen these before, specially around the PUA community. You go to click on a product and a fancy page pops up telling all about it and making you a ton of promises.

Look, I don’t want to insult your intelligence. You and I both know that 99.9% of all sales pages are bullshit. They make outrageous claims and bullshit promises and I don’t want to do that. If you found my blog then I’m sure your a smart guy so I’m not even going to try and bullshit with you.

So honestly, here is my promise to you: coaching with me will make you better with women BUT you have to actually go out and apply what I teach you. You’re a smart guy so I’m not going to lie and tell you that coaching from me is a magic pill. Its not. There are no magic pills when it comes to getting good with women. You have to go out and push yourself and apply what you learn to get better. I can show you how to push yourself and I can help you push yourself…. that is my promise.

Now you have to be honest with me. You have to tell me that you wont waste my time or yours and that you will push yourself and go out and apply what I teach you and you have to be honest with that promise.

The coaching I offer is a Monthly Mentorship Program. Its custom tailored to each student based upon his needs and goals. I teach theory that is bullshit free and field tested. I provide you with custom missions for you to go out and complete. Each mission is designed to help you improve a specific area of your game or to help you over come an obstacle you have been facing. You will be provided an online journal for you to write about your progress in and I will read each entry you post and provide you with the necessary feedback. In addition to all of that, you will be given multiple hours of phone coaching with me along with my private number so that you can text me your questions anytime you have one.

This as as close to me being there along side you as you can get without me actually being there. I promise to give you 100% effort in teaching you how to become good with women but in return you have to give me 100% effort in going out and applying what you learn.

Most three day bootcamps in the community cost more than $1500. The Monthly Mentorship Program cost $1200 a month. Instead of getting three days of instruction, you will be getting thirty days of custom instruction from me personally. Not only will you learn the theory but you will also be shown how to apply it and be given custom missions to complete. You will get written feedback every day on your journal and multiple hours of phone coaching over the month along with my personal number so that you can text me questions at any time.

If your ready to begin then send me an email to and put “coaching” in the subject line. I will quickly email you back and we will discuss where your at currently and what your goals are. If I feel that coaching is right for you we will get started.

I know your used to seeing the classic bullshit line “limited time offer” but this really is limited. Because I am giving 100% to every student I have to make it available to only a few students each month. Make a commitment to get this part of your life taken care of.  I believe in the effectiveness of my coaching program so much that I will give you a full refund at the end of the month if you feel I failed my promise to you. Send me and email and lets get started.

Once again, my email is:

Make the header: “Coaching”

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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