Advanced Guide to Night Game

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Advanced Guide to Night Game

This guide will lay out how to get extremely quick pulls from night game venues. The best type of venue to run this style of game in is medium to large size dance clubs. The following is a quick primer on how its done:

1) Dress Edgy. Learn how to dress (wearing clothes that fit, matches up with your skin tone, and makes you look more fit) and then add a sexual touch to it. This can be as easy as unbuttoning your shirt one more button than most guys do, wearing your clothes a bit tighter than most, showing off the good parts of your body, ect. You can find a more complete guide to dressing well here.

2) Have a sexual vibe. This is related to #1 and I have written about it before. Basically, be a man that is able to amp up sexual tension. Talk slow and sensually and add pauses to build intrigue, be flirty, exude strong sexual eye contact, and be in a sexual state.

3) Figure out the club’s rhythm. For example, if a club opens at 10 and closes at 3, most women wont be ready to pull until 12 at the earliest and most likely closer to 1. Women spend a lot of time getting ready before they go out. When they finally hit the club they wanna show themselves off, drink, hang with their friends, and blow off some steam. You have to let them accomplish all of this before they are ready to be pulled.

4) Have fun for the first few hours. Lets say the club’s hours are 10 – 3 and you get there at 11. Because of the cubs rhythm you know you should wait until 1 to try and pull. So what do you do? The same thing the women are doing. HAVE FUN. Drink beers, dance, have fun with your buddies, build momentum, and let off some steam.

5) keep an eye out for DTF girls. In “The Night Game Blueprint” I detailed what I call “DTF girls.” These are chicks that are dick hunting and are looking for a guy to go home with. Some DTF signals to look for:

– Girls showing a lot of skin/dressed in a very sexual way
– Eyes constantly wondering around (looking for hot guys)
– Leaves her friends a lot to go to the bathroom (making it easy for guys to approach them)
– Hold eye contact with you
– Gives your proximity
– Girls exhibiting overexertions (girls trying to get noticed so they will get approached)
– Girls who take up a lot of space on the dance floor
– Girls who are there alone

6) Approach. When the rhythm gets right (in our case 1 AM) its time to approach. By now you should have found many girls who meet the above criteria. Approach the nearest hottest one.

7) Test her compliance. As soon as you approach you need to test how compliant and open she is.

– Hold up your hand for a high five (if its loud dont worry about speaking yet)
– Spin her around
– Pull her in close by her hips
– Take a step back and then pull her in again
– Move her hair back
– Whisper something sexy in her ear

That logical progression is to be done right after you approach and should be done very quickly. Doing the above things test her compliance and if any any point she doesn’t let you do one of the things, walk away and approach another girl. Remember, the goal of this method is to get no bullshit fast pulls. Your doing this in big clubs so their are many girls!

8) Isolate her. If she passes all the above compliance test its time to isolate her. This in itself is also a compliance test. If she wont isolate with you then walk away. “Lets move over there.” Thats all you have to say. I like to move girls over to a couch or chair.

9) Escalate very fast. Using my ESP Model of Escalation as a guide escalate on her very fast. If you move her to a couch or chair, have her sit on your lap. Use strong sexual eye contact and some “shock and awe.”

If you correctly screen well and approached a chick who is looking for dick, passed your compliance test, isolated with you, and accepts your escalations you will be able to pull her very soon. Don’t waste time. Escalate for 10 minutes at max and then do “the trigger.”

10) Do The Trigger. The trigger technique is where you do one last major escalation move to trigger a major spike in sexual tension and making her very horny. Also, it is again a bit of a compliance test. In the above scenario where your sitting on a couch a good trigger technique would be picking her up without waring, walking over to the nearest wall, pin her against it, and go in for the kiss but stop right before your lips touch, give her very strong sexual eye contact for a few seconds, lick her lips then sensually whisper in her ear, “lets get out of here.”

Be creative, do some experimentation, and you will find some of your own good triggers. All it has to do is immediately and effectively spike her horyniess up.

11) Pull immediately. As soon as you perform the trigger technique, pull her out of the club and back to the sex location. This can be your place, her place, even a bathroom.

Putting it all together

Here is what it look likes:

You go to the local club with your buddies. You drink, dance, be social and have a killer time. Around 1 you approach a chick on the edge of the dance floor who was dressed super sexy, and glancing around a lot. You walk up, hold out your hand for a high five. When she gives you a high five you kept a hold of her hand and spun her around. You pulled her in, took a small step back and pulled her in more. You gave her some sexual eye contact and a slight smile before moving her hair back and whispering in her ear about how sexy she dances.

You take her by the hand and tell her to follow you. Once over on the couch you sit her on your lap. You ask her name and give yours back. All the while your giving her sexual eye contact and feeling up her legs. You tell her that shes driving you fucking crazy and how its her fault (shock and awe). Out of nowhere, in the middle of one of her sentences you hoist her up and carry her fireman style a few steps, set her down and push her back into the wall (keep one of your hands behind her head so that her head doesn’t hit the wall hard) then you tease the fuck outta her with an “almost-kiss.” You take her hand and pull her out of the club, getting a sly, knowing smile from your buddies as you leave with her.

Total elapsed time: 31 minutes.

Many times it wont always go that smooth and often you may have to approach a few women but when your game gets tight the above method is great for getting super quick lays.

To Learn even more about fast seduction and pulling women home quickly you can click here.

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