4 Signs Shes Sexually Interested In You

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you have been in the seduction community for more than a few months you have undoubtedly came across an article that tells you the sings that a woman is attracted to you. These signs probably have included things like playing with her hair and laughing at your jokes. I’m here to tell you right now that 99.9% of all those articles suck.

Why? Two big problems here:

1) Most signs the community teach are actually bullshit. Women naturally play with their hair, they smile to be polite, and they laugh at your jokes because your amusing. None of those things means that a woman has any sexual interest in you.

2) A chick can like you but not be sexually available. For instance, lets say you meet a chick outside a coffee shop and strike up a conversation. Shes playing with her hair, she smiles, she even laughs at your jokes…. surely she must want to lay down and spread her legs for you, right? Nope. She could very well like you but that doesn’t mean she wants to or plans on sleeping with you. Perhaps she has a boyfriend that she deeply loves and is in a happy relationship with. Maybe her dog or a family member died the day before and shes simply not emotionally open to sleeping with a guy right now.

The big problem with the whole “X number of signs shes interested in you” type articles is that the sings are bullshit and that often it doesn’t matter if she likes you because if you want to experience the softness of her inner thighs then she needs to be sexually interested in you.

With those problems in mind the rest of this article will outline the sings that a woman is sexually interested in you. Lets get on with it…

1) She makes it easy for you to “game” her. If a woman has sexual interest in you and wants to sleep with you but you aren’t progressing things forward, she will often put herself in a position that makes it easy for you.

She might scoot closer to you on the couch. She could girl-code her girlfriends telling them to leave you alone. She may bend over and let you catch a glimpse of her thong. This is anything a chick does that makes it easy for you to escalate on her or also anything she does to try and get you to escalate things.

2) Movement. If you are a long time reader of this blog you may have herd me talk about my 20 minute rule. Basically, if i’m in a club talking to a chick, if after 20 minutes passes I don’t feel like there is a very good chance I’ll be taking her home tonight then I move on and talk to some other woman. If at that 20 minute mark I’m not sure then I attempt to move her. This is as simple as “hey, come outside with me to get fresh air” or even “hey, lets go to the bar.”

If after 20 minutes a chick refuses to move with you, shes not very likely to want to go home with you. The other thing could be that your escalating to slow and not moving things forward at a proper pace. However, failing that, if she wont move with you then she likely doesn’t have much sexual interest in you.

3) Sex talk. This one is really easy. If after 20 minutes she won’t engage in any conversation relating to the subject of sex, she has no sexual interest in you. However, if your talking about sex (and not being crude), and shes into it then there is a very good chance she has some sexual interest in you. Escalate and move things forward pronto.

4) Escalation. This is by far the most important sign out of all four of them. A big problem most guys have is that they talk to a woman and think she likes him but at the end of the night she gives him a pat on the back and a “nice to meet you.” This confuses our would-be Casanova because she laughed, played with her hair, and seemed to enjoy herself. Hell, she probably did. Her being amused by him does not equal her wanting to sleep with him, however.

Sexual Escalation is awesome because not only does it weed out those kinds of girls but it shows us, for sure, if a chick is sexually interested in you. No woman is going to let you amp of the sexuality and move things forward unless she wants it to happen. Getting good at sexual escalation will help you save a ton of time weeding out women who aren’t really interested in you and will help you lay the ones who are. To learn even more about sexual escalation you can click here.

Okay guys, just to recap: It doesn’t matter if a chick is playing with her hair, laughing at your jokes, or smiling at you. If you want to get laid then what matters is that shes putting herself into a position to be seduced, she give you solid investment (movement), and she allows you to continually escalate on her. Don’t waste time on women who are only talking to you to be polite and/or to be amused.

See you next time,

Jeff “Warped Mindless” Stanton

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