Developing a Sexual Vibe

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

I talk a lot about having a “sexual vibe” but until now I have never gone into much detail about what a sexual vibe is or why its important. Having a sexual vibe means that when a woman talks to you, or even looks at you, she feels your sexuality.

What does a sexual vibe do for me?

Having a strong and powerful sexual vibe will do more to gain you instant attraction that anything else you can possibly do. Not only will it help create massive amounts of sexual tension but it will also help weed out time wasters. If you start talking to a woman and she seems repulsed by your sexuality you can safely assume that shes either not interested or that shes not sexually available and then you are free to move on and find a more receptive woman.

Exuding a strong sexual vibe also helps eliminate female cock blocks. A little secret most community guys don’t seem to know is that if a chick’s friends would sleep with you then they usually wont try to cock block you and in many cases they will actually support the two of you hooking up.  In addition, having a sexual vibe will actually make you more sexy. You don’t need to be good looking to have a powerful sexual vibe that turns women on, but having a sexual vibe will make you better looking. I’ll go into more detail later on.

Finally, having a powerful sexual vibe is key to getting hotter women. With the super hot women its not enough to just be confident. Any super hottie knows a ton of confident guys but being a confident guy who also makes her wet between her legs will set you apart from the rest.

Inner game of Sexual Vibe

In order to have a sexual vibe you have to understand something that most men don’t, namely that women are super sexual! Its woman’s dirty little secret and its important that you know it and understand it.
There is a female author, Nancy Friday, who wrote a book, My Secret Garden, thats all about female fantasies. Guys who have read that book will agree with the following statement:

If you haven’t read that book then you need to do so now. You will be exposed to a whole new world and will look at women differently. Be careful, however, that your not like most guys who read that book and that you don’t judge her. Yes, women do have some strange fantasies. No, its not okay to judge them for it. Women constantly being judged is the reason most of them hide their sexuality and is also why most guys think men are more sexual and horny than woman are.

Outter game of Sexual Vibe

Here is where we really get to the nuts and bolts of having a powerful sexual vibe. So here we go, having a sexual vibe 101:

1) Being a man with a sexual vibe means being a man who knows how to sexually escalate and how to amp of the sexual tension. I have already written a complete guide on sexual escalation and you can read it here.

Basically, keep powerful eye contact, be close to her, and don’t be afraid to touch her in a sexualized way. Again, read my sexual escalation guide for more information.

2) Dress Edgy. Learn how to dress (wearing clothes that fit, matches up with your skin tone, and makes you look more fit) and then add a sexual touch to it. This can be as easy as unbuttoning your shirt one more button than most guys do, wearing your clothes a bit tighter than most, showing off the good parts of your body, ect.

Teaching you how to dress is a massive topic that cant really be covered in a single blog post. To get your style handed I suggest the book Seduce with Style.

3) Get a sexy haircut. Most guys have a regular bland, “nice guy” hair cut that really says nothing about themselves other than their clueless. Along with a stylish look, its important that you match it with a stylish and sexy haircut. Doing so is a bit more complicated than googling “sexy haircuts for men.” You first have to figure out your face shape, if the cut you want will work with the thickness of your hair, and it has to be congruent to your overall look.

The best way to get this handled is to find a high end salon and have the gayest hair stylist there do your hair. Tell him your wanting a sexy hair cut and answer all his questions. Then, sit back, relax, and let him do his thing. Encourage him to flex his creative muscles but to keep in mind you want something sexy and edgy. Once he gives you a good cut you can then go to cheaper hair places and have them replicate it the next time.

4) Grow sexual facial hair. Most men under 35 should have some sort of facial hair. Not only does it make a guy look older and more intelligent but it also makes them look more sexy. There are many facial hair styles such as the mustache and the goatee, the full beard, the half beard, stubble, and many more. For most guys I fully suggest stubble and most women find it extremely attractive. Go to google and look up men’s facial hair to get a better idea of what I mean.

5) Slow down! Strong, dominant, attractive, and sexual men all move slow. Moving slow (within reason) communicates confidence and sexuality. Walk a bit slower, get up a bit slower, just move slower in general. Move with a purpose and not like your always in a hurry. Be slower and give women time to check you out.

6) Add pauses to build intrigue. When talking to a woman slow down with your speech, use a more sexual tone, and add pauses to it. This not only makes whatever your saying more interesting but it also builds intrigue and keeps her on the edge of her seat.

7) Get into a sexual state. While talking to a woman make sure that your thinking sexual thoughts. Imagine fucking her in your favorite position. Imagine the sounds shes making, picture her cumming over and over again. Doing this will get you into a sexual state and that will effect your actions and make everything you do more sexual. Trust me, she will feel it as well as woman are extremely perceptive. You can read more about being in a sexual state in my article about sexual escalation.


Develop a sexy vibe and you will find women throwing themselves at you. Its rare for a woman to meet a guy that just oozes sexuality and when you become that guy you will find yourself sleeping with more women than you ever imagined. To learn more about creating a sexual vibe and how to amp up sexual tension, check out my buddies free presentation on the subject by clicking here.

See you soon!

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