Quick Tip: Forget Attraction and focus on Arousal

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

All too often I hear guys talking about “creating attraction.”

They talk about DHV stories, negs, cocky-funny, cold reads, humor, and other things the believe will cause a women to become attracted to you. They go out, do all these things, then come back and post on forums wondering why women just aren’t attracted to them. If you’re one of those guys then I’m here to inspire a shift in thinking.

Instead of putting your focus on “creating attraction” you should instead put the focus on arousing the women. The absolute best way to arouse a woman is to have a sexual vibe. This comes from your look (be edgy), body language, and sexual escalation (important).

Lets take a closer look at how the two are different.

Meet Joe. Joe is heading out to his favorite bar tonight to hit on some women. Once Joe gets to the bar he approaches women and immediately starts trying to “build attraction.” He tells her a DHV story about some stripper ex-GFs that never existed. He makes a few cold reads, hes very cocky-funny. He gets a lot of positive reactions from the chick but at the end of the night when he goes to pull her home she says no and goes to her friends. He was entertaining but he wasn’t attractive. GoodLookingLoser calls this “Mr Funny Man Game” and I tend to agree with that assessment.

Meet Bob. Like Joe, Bob is also heading out to the bar. Bob is dressed edgy and looking good. Although hes not a classically good looking guy, hes dressed well and in a manner that exudes a sexual vibe. Bob gets to the bar and spots a sexy blond which he approaches. Bob comes in with sexual eye contact and talks slow. He uses pauses and builds tension with his speech. Bob is also very close to her, less than an arms length away. He shoots the shit with her, just self amusing and not talking about anything very important. Bob isn’t looking for reactions. Instead hes amping up the sexual tension and arousing her. He isn’t worried about proving hes some abstract “high value guy.” He doesn’t care about that and knows she doesn’t either. His concern is to have a good time and to make her horny by arousing her via sexual tension. He touches her, flirts with her, and moves her around the bar a lot. When the night comes to an end her looks at her, “lets get outta here” and off they go.

While both examples are a bit silly they are accurate. If you have been going out and focusing on “building attraction” without success then shift your focus away from that and to building tension and arousing women.

If you’re tired of making women laugh and telling stories and want to arouse women and actually get laid then you owe it to yourself to learn the secrets of arousal. To do that click here.


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