Few Tips on Daygame

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Below are a few tips that will hopefully help you achieve more success with daygame.

1) The weather will affect how women respond to you. While this isn’t a game changer it is something to keep in mind. The better the weather, the warmer girls will respond to you.

2) My friends and I have a social get together a few times a month. Usually we all go out to eat and then hit up a bar afterwords. A day before we go out we send a mass text to all the flaky numbers we gathered sense the last outing and let them know about it. Make sure to tell them to bring a friend. You will be surprised how many girls will respond and show up. Bingo, now your going out with a bunch of your guy friends and also now a bunch of hot chicks. Not only will this give you a lot of social proof but some of the women who weren’t available before may now be. Do this often and your group will keep growing and growing. This is just a cool way of trying to turn those otherwise useless numbers into something useful.

3) SCREEN! A big reason my meet to lay ratio is good is because I screen hard. There are a lot of hot chicks in my city and I dont have time to approach them all. The solution is to only (with exceptions) approach women who give your sings of interest, or seem to be horny.

A big thing I do is lock eyes with all attractive women walking in my direction and I communicate to her with my eyes, “I want to fuck you.” I gauge her reaction and if good I approach. If not, no big deal… lots of other hotties.

I also look for over-exertions and preens.. Illuminatus has written a great article on over-exertions, check it out. A preen is very subtle and can be easy to miss. It takes practice to catch them. An example of a preen would be a woman walking into your line of sight, stopping for just a split second and adjusting an item of clothing or her hair. If you catch an attractive women giving you a preen, approach her.

I also look for women who appear to be horny. This one is harder to explain but when you start going out a lot you will start to develop a 6th sense. Usually though horny women walk more seductively, play with their hair a lot, wear a bit less clothing, wear a lot of red.

4) Don’t talk about boring conversations. Most guys, when they approach, talk about what she does for fun, where she works, what school she goes too, ect. Instead, talk about emotionally compelling topics such as her passions, childhood dreams, and other things of that sort.

If I had to break down my daygame method it would be this:

– Screen for good women to approach
– Approach (usually direct)
– Form a connection
– Qualify her
– Get her number

While doing all that keep a sexual vibe as well. Use sexual eye contact and a bit of touch.

  1. Justin Wayne says:

    Yea, gaming in winter time is harder, because the girl is cold, and you are cold. it requires more investment

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