Easy Dance Floor Game (For Non-Dancers)

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ll come right out and say it, I suck at dancing.

However, while I may suck at it, I still LOVE to dance and it only made sense to me to combine two of my loves, dancing and seduction. Back a few years ago when I first decided to to jump into dance floor game I went online, bought a few books catered towards dance floor seduction, asked questions about it on the forums, and watched the good dancers in the clubs.

The conclusion I came to is that to get good at seducing women on the dance floor I would have to get better at dancing. Wasn’t happening.

Not only did I have to much other stuff I was working on at the time but I also just didn’t care to become a good dancer. It wasn’t long after that a buddy and I were out in a loud dance club having fun and hitting on the women in the quieter areas. After a few drinks and a dare we both went out to the center of the dance floor and displayed what was probably the worst, silliest, and most amusing dance moves in the history of club dance.

Think of every single silly/dumb dance you can think of. Chances are we did it that night. It was really fun and we got so into it we did it for over thirty minutes. Many people even stopped and watched us. Some though it was funny, some didn’t care, some wanted us to get hit by a bus.

After a while my buddy and I grew tired and needed a break so we stopped dancing and headed to the bar. Once at the bar I noticed a cute brunette in a killer black dress eyeballing me down. I noticed her minutes before as well when I was on the dance floor.

I approached her, started a conversation, turned up the heat sexually, and eventually lead her out of the club and back to her house.

A couple nights later he and I went out again, got onto the dance floor, unloaded the silliest dance moves ever and then went to the bar when we got tired. While I was dancing I made sure to keep a mental note of each cute girl that was watching and checking me out while I danced.

When we were finished dancing I looked around for any of the cute girls I seen checking me out. I ended up taking home the second one I approached.

Over the next few weeks I went out with my buddy and even by myself some nights and repeated the experiment. I would go onto the dance floor, have a massive amount of fun by being silly, taking note of all the girls checking me out, then approaching them when I was done.

The result was some of the fastest and easiest lays I had ever had to that point.

In my book, The Night Game Blueprint, I talk about screening for interested women. Interested women include women who are giving you “approach invitations” (such as eye contact, proximity, open body language, overexertions) and horny women.

Many guys complain to me that they “aren’t good looking enough to get approach invites” and they they cant spot horny women. Being silly on the dance floor solves all that.

While your out there being silly and having fun its quite easy to take a quick mental note at which girls are smiling and enjoying watching you. Once your done dancing all you have to do is approach these women,

I promise you that if you go to a club and start silly dancing and then approach the women who looked into you, your meet to lay ratio will sky rocket up. Of course, you still need “game” such as escalation skills but opening the women who appeared into you will make everything easier.

Give it a try.

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