Getting Good FAST

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I see a lot of guys who discover this stuff, dive pretty deep into it, and after a few years have nothing much to show for it. Its a sad, but very real, trend in the community to see guys never get any success with all of this.

Outlined below is a simple and effective method to get really good at this at a pretty fast rate.

Pick ONE method/guru and learn from them and ONLY them for the first 8 months. There is a shit ton of conflicting advice here in our little community. What most guys do when they discover this stuff is to dive in deep and read everything by everyone. Not only does this give them information overload but it also ends up confusing the hell out of them due to the amount on conflicting advice. For that reason its important that you adhere to this rule and pick one person, learn and apply only his stuff for the first eight months.

Go out THREE times as much as you study theory. This one is important! Most guys discover this and read, read, read, read, read, and read some more. To ensure that you actually making use of what you study, make sure you go out and apply it three times as much as you studied it. For example, lets say you watch a three hour dvd on night game. before your allowed to study anything else you will have to spend nine hours out infield.

Make friends with other people who goes out. This one is important because it will keep you both motivated and accountable.

Always be pushing your comfort zones. I see a lot of guys who get good at getting phone numbers get lazy. Instead of pushing their comfort zones and learning how to seduce faster they just stay with getting numbers. Always be pushing your comfort zones and you will see improvement.

Set time aside to get good. Take any legit “gurus” and compare them and you will find a big trend among them all. When they first decided to master this they all set a large chunk of time aside, usually 8 months to multiple years and dedicated all that time to getting good at PU. Tyler Durden is a great example. He went out almost every single night for like 3 years. Mystery went out 4 – 5 nights a week for 6 years. Rob Judge went out 5 nights a week for a year. Ect… Take any unnecessary hobbies and temporarily put them aside and dedicate the next eight months to getting really good at this. The beauty of the modern community is that so much stuff has been figured out that you can accomplish in months what it used to take guys years to do.

Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. 80% of your success will come from the fundamentals. Spend the majority of your time learning the fundamentals and success will follow. Don’t be trying to learn how to pull SNLs when you cant even open without stuttering.

Set goals. Set specific goals and specific dates you want to accomplish the goals by. For example, lets say your just starting, have major approach anxiety, and want to approach more. A good goal to set would be to approach five girls a day for the next week. After that week reevaluate and make another goal. Lets say your more advanced and want to get better at fast escalations. A good goal would be to go out the next two weeks and only focus on escalating as fast as possible.

Okay, now I have a little homework for you. Set a timer for three minutes and then write down every single excuse for not being able to get good at this you can think of. Keep writing until the timer goes off and try to be specific.

Then take as long as you need and write down a reason beside each excuse for either why that excuse is bull shit or how you can overcome it.

For example, lets say one of your excuses is that you don’t make enough money to go out constantly. A good way to get around that is to get a better job that makes you more money, examine all your expenses and cut the unnecessary ones, or to simply do day game. Walking around the city approaching women is free.

Alright guys, go out, put this stuff into action, and go get good. See ya around.

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