Behavior Shaping

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Of all the techniques in all the world, “Behavior Shaping” is my absolute favorite one. It’s powerful and in a moment you will see why…

Behavior Shaping, its its most minimal definition, is making a little mini-cold read about a woman. If she has any interest in you at all, even a small tingling of interest, she will want to live up to the cold read so not to disappoint you.

Behavior Shaping is very versatile and can be used in many ways and in many situations. For example, lets say your at a bar and talking to a woman. You can introduce Behavior Shaping to help you with your goal of getting laid.

An important part of getting laid, specially pulling same night lays, is setting sexual frames. The best way to establish sexual frames is to use Behavior Shaping.

An example:

“I can tell that your a woman who knows how to have fun and that goes after what she wants.”

“I can already tell that your a fun chick whos open too new experiences and wild adventures.”

“You seem pretty sexually aggressive, which is cool because I respect women who goes after what they want.”

The effect of these is pretty obvious. It frames the whole interaction so that its normal and appropriate for her to be sexual and to be open to you being sexual. Powerful stuff!

Although Behavior Shaping is great for seducing woman its also has many other uses. For example, lets say you promised a woman that you and her would so something but for whatever reason you cant. How can you avoid upsetting her?

I have bad news but because your an understanding person (mini cold read), I know will you will understand that something important has came up (another mini cold read that goes on to shape her behavior) and I’m no longer available today. Thank for being understanding. (presupposition – assumes beforehand that she will be understanding and reinforces your behavior shape and cold read.)

Here is another example I sent a chick over text when she tried to flake on me. Her excuse is that she couldn’t come get a drink with me because she had just gotten off work and was tired.

“Tired? You must have worked hard, I admire that. I also admire how I know your adventurous at heart and I know a chick with a passion like yours would be thrilled to come out and be cheered up by me and a strong drink. See you in 30 minutes. :]”

Its subtle but I included a Behavior Shape. I made a mini cold read about her being adventurous. No woman wants to be seen as not being adventurous so this works very well. At the end I added a presupposition by telling her I would see her in 30 minutes.

This is powerful stuff and works well but don’t over use on a chick it or it will loose it effectiveness.


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