How to be Attractive

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Count yourself lucky that your a man. To a woman how attractive you are isn’t based solely on your looks which is a very good thing for us. Even if you didn’t win the genetic lottery when you were born you can still become a man who woman deem attractive.

The following is a break down of things you can do to become attractive. In addition to the list make sure you work on your “game” stuff as well such as sexual escalation, leading, eliciting emotions, ect… Once you check off everything on the following list you will notice that “game” becomes cake. The more attractive you become the more effortless seduction becomes.

With all that said, here is the following list on how to become more attractive:

1) Dress better and get a cool hair cut. Although this list isn’t in any specific order this is the first thing that you should do. get a stylish female friend or a stylish gay guy to go shopping with you and let them help you pick out clothes that make you look sexy. Then go to a male hair stylist and tell him to make your hair look sexy. Dressing better can make ugly guys average looking and average guys sexy looking.

2) Hit the gym. 99% of you are either too skinny (me) or too fat. Loose weight or bulk up. Muscles are sexy…. get some.

3) Make money doing something your passionate about. If you hate your job it will affect all areas of you life and chances are you wont even know it. Take steps to either start your own business or to find a job that you enjoy doing.

4) Start eating healthy. Personally I recommend the paleo/primal diet (google it) but it doesn’t matter what diet you follow as long as you eat healthy. Cut out junk food and soda especially.

5) Kill any bad habits you may have. This includes wasting time on video games and doing harmful drugs.

6) Always be working on yourself. When you stop growing you die. Always be seeking to make yourself a better person.

7) Travel. Travel as much and as often as you can. Travel the world or travel your own state but seek to get out and experience the world. Doing this will force you to grow in ways you will never imagine. You will also learn a lot about yourself and other people. Not to mention you will have fun.

8) Stop saying “no” and go on adventures. This one is related to above but while you will certainly have adventures when you travel you can have them right at home too. Experience new things and stop being a pussy.

9) Take the road less traveled.

10) Pick up a couple new social hobbies. Not only are social hobbies a great way to grow yourself as a person but you will meet a lot of cool people as well.

11) Build relationships. Young, old, men, women… everyone.

12) Escape your comfort zones. This one is a BIGGIE. Find out what your comfort zones are and push them. then push them some more… and then some more… and more and more and more…. ect.

13) Have boundaries and know what they know. Know what you will and will not tolerate and stick to those boundaries.

That wraps up the list. Accomplish all those things and you will have more woman than you will ever be able to handle. You will never again have to worry about “displaying high value” because you will a high value person.


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