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An Update!

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey guys! First off I just wnat to say sorry for not keeping my blog updated on a regular basis lately. I’ve been rather busy working on some new projects which are going to blow you away! I’m going to start updating my blog a minimum of once a week but often times it could be 2 – 3 times a week.

In other news, I recently started my Monthly Mentorship Program. I don’t want to go all salesmen on you but that program is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your game in 30 days. Check it out.

I will also be uploading a free book I wrote, The Night Game Blueprint. The book comes in right under 50 pages and has no fluff or bull shit. It direct and to the point and will teach you how to succeed in any night game type venue such as bars and clubs.

Some big things are in store for Real Natural Seduction to stay tuned…

Your Friend,

Jeff “Warped Mindless” Stanton


If I had to pick one thing that I would consider a great equalizer I would say that its a powerful emotional connection.


How do you get women hotter than you? Emotional Connection
How do you get women if your extremely ugly? Emotional Connection
How do you beat out other guys who have a better lifestyle than you? Emotional Connection
How do you get women if your “low value?” Emotional Connection

You get the point.

Think of a beautiful woman. Not only beautiful but also a “high value” woman with a huge social circle, lots of money, and a crazy awesome lifestyle full of fun and adventure.

Now think of you. Probably not as hot, not as rich, your social circle isn’t nowhere as cool, and you hardly know what fun is. How do you get a woman like the one above? Emotional Connection.

If you develop a strong emotional connection with a woman then maybe your not hot but dammit… you sure get her! She feels a stronger connection to you than she does with any of her hunky guy friends! She really feels that you get her and that you two vibe extremely well. This creates super strong emotions in a woman!

Women, as most of us know, are emotional creatures. They are led by their emotions, think in emotions, and process most of their life in emotional terms. Most men, however, are the exact opposite. We men are logical creatures and because of this it can be super hard for a woman to find a man that she truly, honest to goodness, vibes with. A man that just seems to get her like no other man ever has. Some woman, no, most woman, never find a guy that connects with them on such a deep level.

You may not be as good looking as her, have less money than her, even live a shittier lifestyle than her but if you really, truly, form a connection with her she won’t care about that other stuff. She will be addicted to you.

Okay, thats all good and shit but how does one actually create an emotional connection with a woman?

It starts from the second you approach. If you come across as a fun guy then she will start having fun too. How you look can also effect her emotions. maybe your dressed like a rocker and she has a thing for rockers.

Sexual escalation is also a good way to establish an emotional connection with. Exposing her to extreme amounts of sexual tension is something that rarely happens to her. If your the guy who can do that it will cause an emotional reaction in her.

These things are all good but they are simply surface level emotional connections. If you really want to form the type of powerful, and deep, connections I harped about in the beginning of the article then you must go deeper…

The best way to start forming this deep connection to to vibe with her and get to know her. Must guys do this on a surface level but they never go deep enough.

“Where do you work?”
“Where do you live?”
“how do you like the crazy weather lately?”

The ask surface level questions like the ones above. Everyone she meets ask these same silly questions to her. They are logical questions and provoke no emotional response. I’m not saying that you can never ask logical questions but you must strive to start going deeper as soon as you can… and you can much sooner than you think.

The best type of questions to ask are ones that invoke emotional responses. For example, instead of asking her what she does, its better to ask her what he biggest passion is. The first one is a boring logical question whereas the second one makes her open up and express herself in an emotional way.

Its best to get a woman to open herself up emotionally on her own rather than you asking her a series of questions. The best way to accomplish this is to open yourself up emotionally first. Open up and make yourself vulnerable. Truly express yourself, your dreams, and your passions without a filter. Be real and authentic but don’t try to impress her… simply express yourself. If you do this, and she has any interest in you at all, she will reciprocate and start opening up herself.

At first he may be a bit hesitant and only open herself up a little bit. This is where asking a few emotional questions can help her dig deeper and express herself even further.

Honestly, how often do you think a chick meets a guy in a bar/club/middle of the day and within 30 – 45 minutes she has shared with him her passions, her dreams, her fears, her desires, and other deep emotions? Probably never.

She could backward rationalize that she must be attracted to you a lot sense she has opened up so much to a stranger but honestly, she will probably be to busy trying to figure out how to get you to fuck her to be thinking about that.

The fact is, when you can go from being a stranger to being a person taht knows and understands her better than most of her friends, she will fall for you and she will fall hard.

Just a few tips:

– Stay away from negative emotional topics. If the conversation flows into this area then quickly change the subject.

– Don’t be judgmental.

– Make sure that while your developing a connection with her that your also sexually escalating with her and keeping the sexual tension high. For more information on that you can check out my escalation guide.

Behavior Shaping

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Of all the techniques in all the world, “Behavior Shaping” is my absolute favorite one. It’s powerful and in a moment you will see why…

Behavior Shaping, its its most minimal definition, is making a little mini-cold read about a woman. If she has any interest in you at all, even a small tingling of interest, she will want to live up to the cold read so not to disappoint you.

Behavior Shaping is very versatile and can be used in many ways and in many situations. For example, lets say your at a bar and talking to a woman. You can introduce Behavior Shaping to help you with your goal of getting laid.

An important part of getting laid, specially pulling same night lays, is setting sexual frames. The best way to establish sexual frames is to use Behavior Shaping.

An example:

“I can tell that your a woman who knows how to have fun and that goes after what she wants.”

“I can already tell that your a fun chick whos open too new experiences and wild adventures.”

“You seem pretty sexually aggressive, which is cool because I respect women who goes after what they want.”

The effect of these is pretty obvious. It frames the whole interaction so that its normal and appropriate for her to be sexual and to be open to you being sexual. Powerful stuff!

Although Behavior Shaping is great for seducing woman its also has many other uses. For example, lets say you promised a woman that you and her would so something but for whatever reason you cant. How can you avoid upsetting her?

I have bad news but because your an understanding person (mini cold read), I know will you will understand that something important has came up (another mini cold read that goes on to shape her behavior) and I’m no longer available today. Thank for being understanding. (presupposition – assumes beforehand that she will be understanding and reinforces your behavior shape and cold read.)

Here is another example I sent a chick over text when she tried to flake on me. Her excuse is that she couldn’t come get a drink with me because she had just gotten off work and was tired.

“Tired? You must have worked hard, I admire that. I also admire how I know your adventurous at heart and I know a chick with a passion like yours would be thrilled to come out and be cheered up by me and a strong drink. See you in 30 minutes. :]”

Its subtle but I included a Behavior Shape. I made a mini cold read about her being adventurous. No woman wants to be seen as not being adventurous so this works very well. At the end I added a presupposition by telling her I would see her in 30 minutes.

This is powerful stuff and works well but don’t over use on a chick it or it will loose it effectiveness.

How to be Attractive

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Count yourself lucky that your a man. To a woman how attractive you are isn’t based solely on your looks which is a very good thing for us. Even if you didn’t win the genetic lottery when you were born you can still become a man who woman deem attractive.

The following is a break down of things you can do to become attractive. In addition to the list make sure you work on your “game” stuff as well such as sexual escalation, leading, eliciting emotions, ect… Once you check off everything on the following list you will notice that “game” becomes cake. The more attractive you become the more effortless seduction becomes.

With all that said, here is the following list on how to become more attractive:

1) Dress better and get a cool hair cut. Although this list isn’t in any specific order this is the first thing that you should do. get a stylish female friend or a stylish gay guy to go shopping with you and let them help you pick out clothes that make you look sexy. Then go to a male hair stylist and tell him to make your hair look sexy. Dressing better can make ugly guys average looking and average guys sexy looking.

2) Hit the gym. 99% of you are either too skinny (me) or too fat. Loose weight or bulk up. Muscles are sexy…. get some.

3) Make money doing something your passionate about. If you hate your job it will affect all areas of you life and chances are you wont even know it. Take steps to either start your own business or to find a job that you enjoy doing.

4) Start eating healthy. Personally I recommend the paleo/primal diet (google it) but it doesn’t matter what diet you follow as long as you eat healthy. Cut out junk food and soda especially.

5) Kill any bad habits you may have. This includes wasting time on video games and doing harmful drugs.

6) Always be working on yourself. When you stop growing you die. Always be seeking to make yourself a better person.

7) Travel. Travel as much and as often as you can. Travel the world or travel your own state but seek to get out and experience the world. Doing this will force you to grow in ways you will never imagine. You will also learn a lot about yourself and other people. Not to mention you will have fun.

8) Stop saying “no” and go on adventures. This one is related to above but while you will certainly have adventures when you travel you can have them right at home too. Experience new things and stop being a pussy.

9) Take the road less traveled.

10) Pick up a couple new social hobbies. Not only are social hobbies a great way to grow yourself as a person but you will meet a lot of cool people as well.

11) Build relationships. Young, old, men, women… everyone.

12) Escape your comfort zones. This one is a BIGGIE. Find out what your comfort zones are and push them. then push them some more… and then some more… and more and more and more…. ect.

13) Have boundaries and know what they know. Know what you will and will not tolerate and stick to those boundaries.

That wraps up the list. Accomplish all those things and you will have more woman than you will ever be able to handle. You will never again have to worry about “displaying high value” because you will a high value person.