The best things I ever gave up

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

The following is a list of the best things in life I have gave up. After the list I will encourage you to make your own list of things you want to give up and start on it. Then I will relate this to having sex with women.

1) Television. I gave up watching TV about 4 years ago and haven’t looked back sense. Its not possible for me to describe in words how much social conditioning your exposed to through TV. Give it up for just a few months and you will notice that you can now form your own opinions and think clearer. Then you can decided how much you want to reintroduce it into your life (if at all).

2) Junk food and unhealthy food in general. I’ve probably added several years onto my life and every year of my life is now better. More energy, stamina, and sex appeal are just a few of the benefits of giving up shitty “food.”

3) Soft drinks. This is is pretty much the same as above.

4) Video Games. Ok, I have to confess… I do play about 30 minutes a week. Anyways, I used to spend a lot of time playing video games and giving it up has given me so much more free time to peruse other more important and profound things.

5) God. I became an atheist in my freshman year of high school and have never looked back. If you want to believe in God, fine. However, free yourself from any organized religion that surrounds the Christian/Muslim God. Like TV, Religion (with the exception of Buddhism) throws so much bad social conditioning at you. Free yourself. The only good religion, IMO, is Buddhism.

6) Facebook. I still have one because if your under 30 it will be how you get invited to a lot of parties and events. However, I check it once a day for like 5 minutes top to see any invites or to send out invites of my own. It amazes me how many people waste their life way reading other peoples drama and playing farmville.

7) Porn and masturbation. I have recently given up all porn. Already I have turned into an even more horny bastard. I am now able to put that sexual energy to good use though.

Make your own list of things you want to give up. Focus on unproductive things that take up a lot of your time and also on things that pushes a lot of social conditioning on you.

Okay, thats all good and shit but how does it all relate to women?

What do you think will happen when you suddenly have the power of clarity of thought due to the lack of incoming social conditioning and a ton of free time?

You will find ways to improve your life, thats what! You will go out and meet more women, work on your lifestyle, have time to make all that money you want, ect… In short, you will now start working towards actually becoming an attractive man. Ladies love attractive men.


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