Rejection: Not as bad as you think!

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Rejection. That one word is the source of so much fear in guys and its one of the top reasons men don’t improve with women. What these men fail to realize is that rejection is a good thing.

Rejection exist for a reason. Rejection keeps people who are not compatible with one another away from each other. This is a very good thing! But why?

In order to get laid you must find woman who are open to getting laid and who you share a connection with. Rejection filters out all the women who fails to meet those two criteria. In essence rejection is a screening process. It filters out all the women who you are not going to have sex with and allows you to find the ones you can have sex with. Its a massive time saver.

If you never get rejected your going to waste a ton of time on women who have no intentions of ever dropping their pants for you.

I rather approach a woman and get instantly rejected than waste 20 minutes on her to only find that shes not a good prospect. By getting instantly rejected I have just saved 20 minutes than I can now use to find woman who are open to getting laid and who like me.

Go out, meet women and if you get rejected a lot, big deal. The more rejections you get the closer you get to getting laid. Everytime you get rejected your one chick closer to finding one that wants your dick.

Eventually (if you stick with it) you will get better and get rejected less and less but it will always exist. Embrace it.


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