Myth: Hotties are harder to get

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Myth: Hot women are harder to get than ugly and average women.

Truth: The difficulty of any certain woman is largely out of your control and largely not about her looks.

Consider the following…

What if you see a chick and you think shes a 10 and I think shes a 7… is she going to be harder for you than me?

What if that “10” has low self esteem and feels ugly? How about that ugly chick on the dance floor that feels like shes the hottest chick in the club? Which will be harder?

What if another “10” that walks in and is horny and looking for some dick? Will she be harder than the “6” who’s feeling extremely bitchy and is blowing out every guy who even looks at her?

How about the fatty that is rude because shes afraid to open up to people because shes used to getting hurt compared to the super hottie who will happily fall in love with you if you treat her normal and not suck up to her just because shes hot… which is harder?

The difficulty of any certain woman is largely out of your control and largely not about her looks.

So why is it that many guys can get average looking chicks but not the hotties? It has nothing to do with the woman and everything to do with them.

Sometimes its an entitlement issue. They simply dont feel like they deserve a hottie and that belief manifest itself in the interactions with hot women.

The biggest reason I have noticed, however, is because guys feel like they have to do something different. This feeling causes them to act weird, try way to hard, and over game women they perceive to be hot.

Stop trying to impress these women and stop kissing their ass. The women will be so awe stuck at a guy who can really “be himself” they she will be intrigued by you.

There is nothing different that you have to do with hotties than you do with average women. You still approach and be genuine, you still amplify the sexual tension, you still have fun and spark her emotions, and you still go for the close. Everything is the same. If your having trouble with hot women then stop trying to “game” them different and stop putting them on a pedastol.

  1. I love the article but ironically hate the first part of your truth statement:

    The difficulty of any certain woman is largely out of your control

    I use to have this statement:

    Give me 10 minutes with any woman and she’ll be crushing on me(not attracted crushing).

    Will she want to fuck me on the spot? No but with some seduction skills both you and I know attraction is quite easy to capitalize on with some escalation skills. What’s funny I’ve never met a woman who disagreed with me when I’ve said it (nice ego stroke).

    I agree that somethings are out of my control, but with social skills, charisma, diplomacy, humor, you can make ALMOST any woman pretty comfortable and thus pretty attracted. There are a lot of rapport tools out there, if you read body language pretty well (my specialty and what my blog is usually on) you know what tool you should use based off of reading them. It just becomes a natural thoughtless process to walk up and talk.


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