Community Bullshit

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

1) Flake Prevention and most “Text Game” in general.

I’ll just throw the truth out there right now: There are no magic text you can send a girl who didn’t like you that will make her suddenly become attracted to you. You can make a girl who had some attraction for you more interested in seeing you and thats about it.

How well a woman responds to your text is a direct correlation to how well you “gamed” her when you were face to face.

In truth, the more complicated and “game-y” you make your text the bigger the possibility you will fuck your chances of ever seeing her again up. Follow the KISS principal and keep your text simple. Your probably not going to fuck up your chances by texting too little but you may very well fuck up by texting to much and being too gimmicky.

2) Sate.

You don’t have to be in some special “state” to meet and seduce woman. If you have to rely on being in a certain emotional state to pick up woman you have a long way to go.

State has nothing to do with your personality, your ability to make emotional connections, your sexual escalation skills, or anything else that actually matters when seducing woman.

3) Boyfriend Destroyers.

Want to know the secret to stealing chicks from their boy friends?

– Being better than the BF

– Persistence

Thats about all it comes down too. There are no magic words that you can say that will magically make a woman want to break up with her BF and jump on your dick.

P.S. Try stealing a chick whos 100% in love with her man and happy as well. Its not going to happen and its certainly not worth your time.

4) AMOGing.

Ok, certain “AMOG” techniques arnt totally bull shit. The entire concept, however, of “destroying AMOGs” is bullshit.

Real men, the ones with actual high value, the ones who are actual leaders of men, don’t go around trying to put other men down and constantly working to “one up” them.

Real men build other men up and form friendships. Stop trying to “destroy” other men and make friends with them.

5) Value.

I’ve written about this before. However, Rob Judge has written about it even better. Read about it here: [link]

6) Openers.

Lets just get right to it: There are no magic words that will make a woman jump on your dick from the open.

Notice a pattern regarding magic words?

Keep it simple and keep it authentic. The more gimmicky and “gamy-y” it is the more it will come back to bite you in the ass.

7) Creating Attraction.

Forget trying to create “attraction.” Insead you should focus on arousing the woman.

Two types of arousal:

Mental/Emotional: This si where your amping up her emotions and making an emotional connection.

Physical Arousal: This is where your making her horny.

Focus on getting her aroused and attraction will take care of itself.


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