Make It Easy

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Getting laid is easy! I know, I know… your sitting there rolling your eyes at me this very moment.

“Whatever Warped… then why arn’t I getting laid?”

Its because your making it hard on yourself.

“Approach at a 30 degree angle, make sure your energy level is 20% higher than the ‘sets.’ Use an opinion opener and make sure you body rock to convey disinterest. Oh and don’t forget to give her a false time constraint! Make sure your watching for every IOI on the list and wait until the third to escalate. Isolate her and lock in with a peacocking item and then tell your DHV story. Neg if she gets bitchy and if all else fails…. just use fucking NLP!”

That sound familiar? Thought so…

Following mainstream seduction advice gives the impression that getting laid is more complicated than rocket science and that nature is against you ever spreading your genes. Nope, you are to be unapologeticly weeded out of existence. I’m sure after following the mainstream advice you have probably wondered, “just how do normal people get laid without knowing this stuff?!?”

The simple fact is, fucking women is easy. Nature is rooting for you…. how can it be hard when nature is on your side? Its not some super complicated process involving angles ans degrees. If your not getting laid its because you have made seduction hard on yourself.

Fix your fundamentals and you will get laid way more than you do now.

Learn how to dress and better yet, find a sexy stereotype and dress like that. Make sure its congruent to your personality. You would be surprised how much help this can be. Not only will you look better to woman but you will be more confident too. Win/Win.

Hit the gym. If your fat loose weight. If your skinny bulk up.

Focus your attention and energy into the 80%. Basically, 80% of your success with woman will come from two main things: Approaching and sexually escalating. When your first beginning you should focus your effort into those two things. You will rack up a string of lays quickly and then you can focus on the other parts of the seduction process. Conversations, sparking emotions, being dominant, getting investment/compliance, ect…

Just to recap, if your out meeting woman but not getting laid its because your making it hard on yourself.


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