Getting Laid Consistently

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve decided to write up a mini-guide on how to get laid consistently. It still surprises me how many guys go out for months, even years, and still don’t get laid consistently. If this is you this read the following advice, implement it, and have fun getting laid.

1) Improve your looks. Almost any guy can become at least average looking by going to the gym and learning how to dress better. If your not at least average then your greatly hindering your chances of getting laid by hot women on a constant basis.

2) Approach more women. This one is KEY. Guys simply don’t approach enough women. Getting laid is a numbers game (but your numbers can be improved) and in order to get laid on a consistent basis you need to get in the numbers. I don’t care if you have to approach 30+ women a night… do it! There are two main reasons men don’t approach enough women… being scared of rejection and spending time on “time wasters.”

3) Embrace rejection. Most guys are scared of rejection and after a few chicks reject them in a row they get depressed. You shouldn’t be scared of rejection, you should EMBRACE it. each time you get rejected your closer to your goal of finding a woman who is willing to go home with you. Rejection exist to keep you from wasting time on a woman who is not currently interested in you. Embrace it!

4) Screen Women. If its your goal to take a woman home that night its important you screen women. Make your job easy by looking for DTF chicks and chicks who are giving you approach invites such as eye contact, proximity, and open body language towards you.

5) Being sexual, not social. Guys are way to worried about being social and getting a chick into them before they get sexual. This is extremely wrong. In cold approach night game you need to focus on being sexual first. For one, this is used a a screening device. Any women who isn’t down for being taken home that night will reject you (remember, its a good thing) and for two, being sexual will make the women more interested in you.

Anytime your talking to a chick (night game cold approach) and by the 20 minute mark you don’t think you will be taking her home, get her number and go approach another chick. DONT WASTE TIME.

Putting it all together…

When you go out, screen for DTF chicks, approach them and be sexual and just keep repeating this process with every DTF chick you spot (and other cuties) it becomes really hard to not get laid. Embrace rejection, keep approaching (remember, approach 30+ chicks a night if you have too) be sexual with every one you approach and when you find one thats receptive, escalate some more and then pull.

The more you do this the better you will get and the less chicks you will have to approach.

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