Things That Don’t Matter

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

The following things don’t matter and as such you shouldn’t spend any time worrying about them…

1) A “gurus” lay count

His advice is either helpful or it isn’t. A lay count doesn’t always tell the full story. Maybe they fucked 1000 woman but their all fat and ugly. Maybe they fucked 30 but all of them have been good looking and has been in a LTR for the last two years. You get the point

2) Creating attraction

You will do much better if instead of focusing on attraction you focus on sexual tension and getting her mentally and physically aroused. Do those two things and attraction will take care of it self

3) “This one girl”

Don’t give yourself a headache stressing over some chick that you have built up in your mind to be more awesome than she really is. Four billion women on this planet….

4) Worrying about your reputation

So many guys on here get worried about being known as a “player.” Don’t be worried about it, it will actually help you. I made a post about this a long time ago, do a search.

5) Looking “alpha”

The whole concept of the “alpha male” has become a joke in the community. Strive to become a MAN instead. I’ll be making a post on this soon that goes into more detail.

6) Your ex

She yours ex for a reason. No, your not going to get her back. Yes, their are better women. Go meet them.

7) What people think about you

This is obvious but should be said anyways. While you shouldn’t care what people think of you, you should strive to be keenly aware of how your making people feel. Read that again, its important.

8) Impressing women

This is a big no. Instead of trying to impress women, simply express yourself and who you are. Either she will like who you are, or she wont. If not, four billion other women on this planet.


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