The Reason You Suck At Realtionships

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I see a lot of really dumb questions about relationships quite often. Guys asking silly questions about irrelevant things, asking questions that are basic and fundamental, ect…

A big reason this happens is because many guys who find out about the community immediately start dating the first girl that shows mutual interest in them.

Instead of going out and meeting lots of women and getting good with women in general, they jump with the first one that will have them. The reason these guys are coming on here and asking silly questions is because they haven’t yet learned how to deal with women.

Even if your goal is to find a GF, you should first go out, meet a ton of women and learn to be good with them in general. Once you have your fundamentals handled and are good with women in general, you wont have to come and ask these silly questions any more because you will know what to do.


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