Boyfriend Season

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Uncategorized


Its that time of year where I, and many other people live…its Boyfriend season, also known as winter!

Winters get cold where I live (Northern United States) and every year right around this time (Fall, starting to get cold) I notice a trend, EVERYONE starts to hook up. My theory is because when it gets cold, people don’t feel like going out as often. They just wanna stay in, snuggle up with another warm body, sip of hot coco and watch the current hit romantic comedy. Nothing wrong with that and i’m even a bit of the same way.

October is fall around here and just starting to get cold. This is when most people start hooking up. By the end of November almost everyone that can get someone, and that’s wants someone, has someone.

This is why this time of year is the hardest time of the year to hook up. Women are still in that “honeymoon phase” here being with her guy is still new and exciting. She hasn’t yet had time to discover how much of a chode he is yet. Also, I like most people don’t really like the cold and it usually takes me a while for my body to get used to it enough where I wanna go back out multiple nights a week.

Every year I pretty much do the same thing. If what I have described above then the following is something you way wish to consider doing yourself.

I usually let any fuck buddies I have go and stay with my primary at the time until about February. Up until then I’ll still go out but not often, usually only twice a week compared to 5+ night a week during the summer. When February hits I’m usually pretty well adjusted to the cold and I start going out a little more. By now I may have a fuck buddy again if I feel like it. From here I get more and more active until summer hits.

So, what can you do if the whole winter scenario describes your suitation but you don’t have a GF or any fuck buddies?

The problems we have is that your not going to feel like going out as much, that the women who are single wont even feel like going out as much, and the women who arnt single will be harder to get plus they also wont be going out as much.

So how will you meet women now?

The solution is to turn to your social circle. But forgetting about that for a second we also have online game. Dating sites and social networking sites such as Facebook and MyYearBook are now a great solution to finding women.

Have fun, bundle up, and enjoy the winter 😉


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