Double Your Lays

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Unless your experienced and getting laid on the regular, this is for you.

A HUGE mistake most guys make is that they play it safe when approaching women. I want you to read this article and then for the next month implement it every night you go out.

How often do you get insta-blowouts?

For the next month your goal is to get insta-blowouts 50% of the time. Resistance does not count as a blow out.

“why you talking to us?”
“who the fuck are you?”
“eww…your gross looking!”

You get the point. Thats resistance not a blowout.

Anyways, your goal for the next month is to get insta-blown out by half the sets your approach. This will require you to be bold!

Whats going to happen is that your going to get blown out more than you ever have but your also going to get laid more than you ever have as well.

After a month use what you have learned from this exercise to calibrate your approaches from now on. Im willing to bet after this you will be a lot more bold!

Approach hard, be bold in your actions, be sexual and escalate like your life depends on it!

The half that doesn’t blow you out, assume its on because more than likely it is.

Have fun.


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