Getting Laid Is Easy

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

The following breakdown is based on the average looking male. The following is also based on night game pickup. The following is also a break down of only cute+ women. Maybe almost all the ugly fatties in a club wants you but we don’t want them so the following numbers only reflect women who we would fuck.

In my opinion, and others I’ve talked about this with, all pretty much agree on the following numbers breakdown:

About 10% of women you meet will like you within the first seconds of the approach no matter what.

Maybe you remind her of an ex-bf she has always loved
Maybe your the sexy stereotype of her fantasies (example: she likes biker guys and you look like a biker)
Maybe [insert reason here]….. it doesn’t matter. For whatever reason, 10% will like you no matter what.

About 60% will be neutral to you.

And right around 30% will dislike you on the initial approach. If you stay unaffected and plow thru, a few may start to like you but its not worth the effort. Your time and energy is better spent on the other 70%

Im going to show you why, based on the above numbers, its almost impossible to NOT get laid.

Lets first look at the 10% who will like you no matter what.

That means for every 10 fuckable chicks in the club, 1 will like you no matter what. Thats pretty awesome! If you went thru and just screened for just that one chick, you would have a decent chance of getting laid that night. However, even if you do find that one (and lets be real, there may be more than 10 hotties at a club which means there is more than one who will like you no matter what) you may still not be able to pull her.

This is because her logistics may be bad. Maybe she rode with a friend, maybe she just got engaged and isn’t open to cheating right now. The possibilities are endless.

Next lets look at the 60% who will be neutral to you. This is where game comes in. The better your game the more women you will get from that 60%.

60% breaks down into 6 out of 10. That means for every 10 hotties you approach, 6 of them will be neutral. If you suck at “game” maybe only one of them will move to the “I like this guy” category. If, however, you have pretty good “game” five of them might move into the “I like this guy” category.

Lets say you have average game and you get 3 of the 6 attracted to you. You take that 3 and combine them with the 1 out of 10 that will like you no matter what and that gives you 4 out of them chicks that likes you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you will be able to fuck all 4 of them. This is where logistics come into play again. Out of them 4, for whatever logistical reasons, only 1 – 3 will be able to be pulled.

Of course, thats based on only 10 hotties in the club. If there is 20 hotties, thats 8 chicks you have a good chance of pulling. And remember, thats only for average game…imagine when you get really good at this.

If your new and your game still sucks all this means is that you will have to approach more, thats all.

So what if your not average looking?

First, if you think your ugly, your probably not as ugly as you think. Second, while men find physical attractivness based on the physical makeup of the woman (hip to waist ratio, breast size… ect), numerous studies have shown that women find male physical attractiveness based on grooming, fashion, body language, voice tonality, and lastly physical things such as muscles. The most important thing, however, is your behavior. This again is where game comes in.

How does looks effect all of this?

Most ugly guys can become at least average looking if they groom properly, dress stylish, have a cool haircut, have good voice tonality…ect.

Most average guys can become good looking by doing the same things.

So, what if you are like a male model?

Lets take two extremly good looking guys. One just has looks but is a complete chode (afc). He is needy, unconfident, he is afriad to lead or be sexual, he fails all “shit” test…ect.

While he may have closer to 15% – 18% attracted to him from the start instead of 10%, thats pretty much all hes going to get to work worth. Pretty much none of the neutral women will like him.

The good looking guy with “game” however will still have the 15% -18% but will also get almost all of the neutral women as well.

What about a ugly guy? A ugly guy with no game will only have thsoe girls who are initially attracted to them. Because their ugly, it may only be 5% – 8%. (It should be noted however that almost any guy can become at least average looking). Because he has no game, he won’t get any of the neutral women either.

However, if he has good game, even though he is ugly, he can still get a high percentage of the neutral women because women care more about how you can make them feel then what you look like.

This ties into the reason I tell guys that looks don’t matter to much.

Lets take the good looking guy with no game and put him up against the ugly guy with good game.

While the good looking chode will have more women initially attracted to them, the ugly guy with game will be able to get many of the neutral women attracted to him where as the ugly dude will not. This means that in reality, the ugly guy will get laid more than the good looking guy with no game.

This all breaks down to this: work on yourself and approach women and you will get success.


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