Common reasons for not getting laid

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know a ton of people here who have been practicing pick up for a while now (4 months +) and still not getting laid. If you have been approaching not just just choding out and being a pussy, by 4 months you should have gotten laid from cold approach by now. If you haven’t consider these following reasons and take action:

1) Not leading

If your not dictating where the interaction goes then your leaving it up to her. If you have been around the community for even a month you should know why leading is good and not leading is bad. Led her mentally (emotions) and lead her physically.

2) Not being physcial/sexual

I’ve wrote quite a bit on this topic in the past so check out my other post, specially my post “ESP Model of Escalation.” Basically you have to be physical and sexual with her. If not then your just another chode who is playing it “nice” with her and will come off as boring. Being physical and sexual turns her on and will make her want to fuck you.

3) Not going for the close

Man up and go for the close and go for it often. Im not talking a number close either…I’m talking about pulling her to a sex location. A lot of times guys will try to pull once, face resistance, and give up. DON’T DO THAT! At first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

4) Playing to win and taking bold moves

This again ties into not being a pussy chode. Play to win! Most guys play to not loose (playing safe) and by doing so they loose. Make the bold moves you need to make and play to win.


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