Direct Game EXPOSED

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

The term “direct game” gets thrown around a lot here. But what exactly does it mean to “just go direct?”

Direct game is a very misunderstood concept here in our little community and its time for that to change. Its unfortunate but people seem to treat direct game (and “going direct”) to be some sort of tactic to use on women. This is horribly false.

Another good example of how direct game is misunderstood is how people have canned direct openers. Once upon a time I used to guilty of this as well. I used to approach women and be authentic and tell them exactly what I felt about them in that moment. It was authentic and real, never planned. 100% authentic feelings. Then, in order to streamline the opening process I came up with a canned “direct” opener. When I did that, opening wasn’t quite the success it used to be, that is, until I reverted back to being pure authentic. And thats what direct game truly is…

Being Authentic and 100% genuine in your intent, thoughts, and actions.

You can be doing direct game even if you open with a situational opener. Opening asking a chick for an opinion can be direct too so long as you actually want her opinion about something. (example: I was watching a debate on CNN at a coffee shop and I looked over and asked a chick which side of the argument she liked best)

Direct game isn’t some tactic you use, direct game is about expressing your true desire and being shameless about it. Its about being authentic and real with both yourself and the woman.

I’ll say it again…

Being direct is about expressing your true desires and being shameless about it.

Thats direct game. Its not a line, its not a tactic. Hope that helps to clear up some of the confusion and misconceptions.


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