Introduction to Pick Up – The Newbie Guide

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sense you’re reading this I’m going to go ahead and assume your some what new to this whole “Pick up” thing. If you haven’t discovered already, this “community” can be quite hectic and confusing. Because of this, it can be hard to know where and how to start and what to do. This is why I wrote this guide.

The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is VERY important when it comes to Mastering this area of your life. Something important you should know:

Only 20% of all men who enter this community and try this stuff, ever get good at it. That means the community has an 80% failure rate.

Although this sounds like a lot (and it is), don’t be discouraged. If you follow this guide and commit, 100% to getting this area of your life handled… there is a good chance you will be in the 20% who master this.

Another reason the 80/20 rule is important is because it dictates who your time learning this should be spent. It breaks down like this:

– 20% of your time should be spent reading about Pick Up and all things related

– 80% of your time should be spent out “in field” meeting, flirting, and seducing women

A big reason why most guys never see any real results is because they have all this reversed. They spend 80% of their time reading about how to pick up, and only 20% of their time (sometimes less) actually meeting women.

Pick Up Encyclopedia

You don’t have to be a walking Pick up encyclopedia to go and meet women. Most guys fall into the trap of “having to know what to do in every situation” before they go out and talk to women. DON’T DO THIS!

Its okay if you don’t know very much, you will learn it along the way. Also, any thing you learn first hand in the field will stay with you better than reading it in a book. Don’t make excuses… go out and meet women.

The Newbie Mission

“Tomorrow, or Saturday, or Sunday, groom and dress yourself real nice.
I’m not asking anyone to put on any suits, or ties, or jackets
(unless that is your comfortable style), but rather dress in your own
comfortable, natural way, wearing clean and at least reasonably pressed
clothes. Then drive to the nearest shopping mall/center and walk
around looking and damn near everything. As you’re doing so, say “hi”
and give a smile to every woman who passes you by, and who is next to
you, and who is in front of you, or whatever. The smile doesn’t have
to be this big cheesy grin, but whatever is your normal, comfortable
way of smiling. {Any kind of smile shows you’re not depressed, nor
someone to be afraid of.}”

For more information on the newbie mission: [link]

Ask Questions The Right Way

As you go out and meet women, you will end up having many questions. This is normal. However, don’t always be so quick to run to the forums and try go get your question answered. Spend a few days trying to answer your question for yourself by continuing to go out into the field and meet women.

Also, its important how you ask questions. Lets look at an example:

Guy 1: “I was talking to a girl last night and she was with her friends. One real bitchy one in particular wouldn’t leave me and the girl I wanted alone. How coudl I have isolated her.

Guy 1: “I was wondering, what are some of the principals of isolation and the mechanics of it.”

The difference in these questions relates a lot to this saying: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will never go hungry.”

Its more important to learn how something works than just how to do that something is a very specific situation.

Community Drama

There is a lot of community drama and if you get caught up in it you will waste a lot of time that could be spent on getting good at this. Avoid community drama.


It’s a great idea to find others to go out with who also have an interest in this. It helps keep you motivated and gives your some one to help you when you need it.

A lot of guys get way to dependent on having a wing and in the long run, this hurts their game. They don’t know how to isolate a girl without having a wing man distract the other girls, and handle a variety of other situations.

After you start getting some success you need to go out solo every so often and learn how to handle all situations that arise YOURSELF. It can be tricky but you will be much better off when you get good at it.

Going Out

Its important that your actually going out often enough to get good at this. One or two nights a week is better than nothing but you wont progress very fast. Three to five nights a week are much better in the beginning.

Also, doing a 30 day challenge every now and then isn’t a bad idea either!

30 Day Challenge

A 30 day challenge is much like it sounds; go out for 30 days/nights in a row with no exceptions. During these 30 days you want to be pushing it harder than you ever have before. This will improve your game more than you would believe.

Bootcamps/Personal Training

After six months in and constantly going out and meeting a ton of women you will no doubt realize what major sticking points you have. At this point its up to you if you want to take a bootcamp or any other kind of personal training.

Stay Positive

Above all else, stay positive. Your going to be going on a roller coaster of emotions but stick with it because in the end, its worth it.


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