Closing the Distance

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Whats up guys?

I’m about to head into town and get my coffee fix for the day (Frozen Carmel Mocha!) and figured i’d drop in and shed some knowledge on something I notice guys doing wrong all the time!

Picture the last time you was in a club/concert/party/party like setting…

Remember back to all the girls you was “gaming” that night…

How close was you to her?

I notice this all the time… guys stand way to far from the girl.

Then they awkwardly try to close that massive gap super fast and kiss her and then wonder why it didn’t work out.

Thinking back, how close to the girls were you?

When your talking to a girl and you can extend your arm and not touch, or just barely touch her, your too far away! Close that gap!

Truth be told, after a few minutes if you can extend your arm more than half way, your too far away.

Many guys have limiting beliefs about being able to get this close. For whatever reason they think they cant do it because it would be awkward, the girl would get creeped out, like I said…whatever reason.

Heres the thing, being this close, its communicating man to woman. It creates sexual tension and it shows confidence and dominance… all VERY good things.

How long should you wait to get this close? You can do it immediately.

Open, get real close, shake her hand and pull her in the last couple inches.


Open, give her a hug, when you pull away just keep your hands on her hips/side and keep talking


However you want. Those are just examples…don’t put a lot of thought into it. Just do it. It doesn’t matter how smooth it looks, just go with your gut instincts and do it. Thinking about it and analyzing it beforehand in the club will only fuck you up.

In addition, you will find yourself getting way more k-closes and they wont be awkward.


Lets recap:

Closing the gap and getting close

– Creates sexual tension

– Shows Confidence

– Shows dominance

– Allows easy access to be physical

– Kisses come super easy (whne you feel in your gut its time to go for it, then go for it because shes feeling it too)

– will improve your interactions a shit ton

This one fix often times makes guy’s “game” a ton better.

If your not closing the gap and being close (and don’t wait, do this form the start) your missing out. Give it a try.


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