The "Quick-Strike" Seduction Method

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I recently met a dude that had a somewhat interesting way of fucking women. I got to see him demonstrate first hand over five times and while not a way I personally like, its a way he excels in. He calls it the “quick-strike” method because you have to quickly strike at all the last opportunities. Confusing? Read on…

His method is very simple, and doesn’t even require any attraction to be built. All you have to do is find out when the club closes. Lest say it closes at 3 a.m. You would arrive to the club a half an hour before it closes, in this case, 2:30 a.m. Then you simply scope out the horny women (you learn to be able to tell which women are horny) and you simply approach them, screen for logistics immediately, and if good you make small talk for ONLY a few minutes. You then mention how you just realized the club will be closing soon and that your going to go back to your place to drink some wine and that she is welcome to join you. Often times, she will go along with you. If not, move on to the next girl. Because your only making a few minutes of small talk, you will be able to approach many women in that last 30 minutes.

This works because as many experienced seducers know, women often times goes to the club for one reason, to get picked up and fucked. Many times, by the 30 minute till close mark, most women that came for sex have already been whisked away but sometimes, due to whatever reasons, a woman may have not been able to leave the club yet. And there is always multiple women like this at the 30 minute mark. Surprisingly, these women are not all just ugly women either! While most of the time the “9s and 10s” wont still be around, you will have no problems finding plenty of “7s and 8s” to approach.

When she hears your “Im going back to drink some wine and your welcome to join me line” she knows EXACTLY whats up. If she goes with you, its on. Hell, she may not really even be attracted to you but she knows that if she wants that sex she came for, her time is limited and she may not find another opportunity by the time the club closes. Basically, as long as your not creepy, and have at least a fun vibe during the few minutes you make the small talk, there is a good chance she will go with you. Multiply that by the fact there are multiple women you can approach still and there is an extremely likely chance you wont be sleeping alone that night.

Again, its not something I feel is “the best method” to get SNLs, or the method that I even use, but it is a simple way to get a quick hook up with an average to slightly above average women with very little “pick up” skill.

Take it for what its worth.


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