Hey newbie! Get laid THIS week learning only ONE thing!

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

So your new to the “community” well welcome and congrats on finding out about this stuff. I’m sure by now you’ve been constructing DHV stories, working on negs, and learning cool openers. Well guess what, I got something to share with you… even if you only have a minute before you have to get back to your friends.

If you want to get laid, within the next 7 days by a woman you find super hot you only need to learn one thing.

The ONE thing I’m about to tell you about will allow you to get laid in the next 7 days as long as you commit to going out those 7 days.

Sexual Escalation.

90% of the game is sexual escalation yet ironically its talked about some of the least.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t learn everything else but what I am saying is that for the next 7 days, focus ONLY on sexual escalation.

For the next 7 days, go out and only focus on sexual escalation. Don’t worry about how to open (just do it), manipulating status, time bridging, any of that stuff. Learn all other game theory next week. This week is sexual escalation only.

Added benefits

Because your new to this and have bad calibration skills you will get blown out a lot while doing this. However, if you just focus on sexual escalation and keep escalating and always moving the interaction forward, you will get laid.

Because you will have to approach lots of women, this will rid you of your approach anxiety

You will learn how important sexual escalation is

You will improve your calibration skills.

By doing this, you will also realize how wrong some of the “community” beliefs are towards sexual escalation.

And more than likely, you will get laid IF and ONLY IF you push yourself.

Lets recap:
Step 1) Learn sexual escalation
Step 2) Go out and sexually escalate on the women you find attractive
Step 3) Get blown a lot…finally reach indifference threshold. Continue approaching and escalating
Step 4) Get laid.

Again, don;t worry about creating comfort first, manipulating value, any of that stuff. Just sexual escalate, you will be pleasantly surprised!

I should note here: This is best done at clubs, bars, and parties.

Have fun!

P.S. The absolute BEST way to get good at sexual escalation is with phone coaching with a master pick up artist! Click here for phone coaching!


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