Guide To Same Night Lays

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

—– Introduction —–

The following is a brief outline of the method I use to get same night lays. I used to hate phone and text game (still do somewhat) and I never really had time for day 2’s so I pretty much had to learn how to get a woman back home on the same night.

In the beginning I tried a lot, learned a lot, but didn’t fuck a lot. Finally after much experimentation, and some guidance from others more experienced than myself, I came up with a working method. Over time I have refined this method into the brief summary of it I will detail below.

I hope this method helps you but please remember, this is my method that I have worked out for myself. Some of the things here may not work for you just because it worked for me. Go out, experiment, see what works for you and improve on it so that it will work even better for you. Go out, have fun, and happy fucking.

—– Inner Game of SNLs —–

I’ve met a good number of men who believe that pulling women on the first night is actually bad game. Thats to much mystery method clouding their head.

The 7 Hour Rule

Many men also believe in the 7 hour rule. The 7 hour rule basically states that on average, it takes 7 hours from the time you meet a women until the time you can sleep with her. Because I aim to keep this post short I wont go into details and i’ll just simply state the facts: the 7 hour rule is a load of horse shit.

Her Secret Garden

Anyone who has been on the forum for a while has probably figured out that women love sex, much more so than most guys can possibly comprehend. Its a woman’s fantasy to get whisked away by a sexy stranger and then to get ravished by him. A SNL is basically filling that fantasy for her.

Of course, she will give some token resistance (shit test) but see it for what it really is, just some silly test. She wants to be whisked away and fucked…. always remember that.

—– Being Prepared —–


How many times have you went to the club and not had a condom or two with you? I’m willing to bet more than a few times. Don’t rely on her to have condoms! bring condoms and give yourself no excuse to not pull her home that night.


This ties into Logistics which is the next section but it also deals with being prepared. How are you getting her home? Did you come with friends? if so, what about them? have all of this figured out before hand.

—– Logistics —–

Same Night Lays are largely about logistics. You can be in the club, approach a smoking hot turbo, have a great interaction with her, then go for the pull only to realize that it cant happen because of logistics. This is the reason you have to screen women quickly for logistics if your looking for a same night lay.


Soon after you open you should begin to find out the following:

* Who she came here with
* What shes doing later (she will change her plans if she likes you enough)
* Who she came with

Obviously you don’t want to enter interview mode and rattle off those question one by one. Work them into the conversation naturally. If her answers arnt conductive to a Same Night Lay then move on and approach another woman.

Again, if your looking to get laid that night, screen women as soon as possible. Don’t waste your time having a 3 hour long interaction and then find out she cant be pulled home that night.

—– Sexual Escalation —–

Sexual escalation is worthy of a whole nother thread itself. Entire books have been written on this subject alone. For that reason I’m going to keep this section somewhat short and just go over the bare basics. If you want a more in-depth and detailed guide to sexual escalation, I fully recommend phone coaching.

Phone coaching is a GREAT way to learn everything you need to know, straight from the mouth of a MPUA himself. Don’t sell yourself short, you deserve the best coaching. Click here for phone coaching!

The Basics

Be physical! Most men simply arn’t physical enough. And no matter how physical you think you are, chances are you could afford to be MORE physical. Don’t wait to get physical, get physical right off the bat. Open her with a high five, then give her a spin. Hold on to her hand while you talk. Escalate the vibe.

Escalating The Vibe

This is one major way of turning things sexual. Get close, have sexual eye contact, talk slow and introduce pauses. Feel sexual (sexual state) and don’t be afraid to show it. Know your intent and be inline with it!

Don’t do things that decrease the sexual tension. Be comfortable with the silence. It will only be awkward if you feel its awkward. She feels what you feel, thats the golden rule of natural game.

Sexual Frames

Sexual framing is very important when it comes to Same Night Lays. For the purpose of this post, i’ll keep the sexual framing stuff simple. Simple but powerful.

I use a concept of “Behavior Shaping” to introduce sexual frames. The best way to show this is by examples.

“You seem really adventurous. Like the kind of girl who really goes for what she wants and is not afraid to let her self have fun.”

This does a lot of good things. For one, you set expectations of her. As long as she does feel something for you she going to want to now live up to those expectations. For example, you framed her as being adventurous. No girl wants to seem unadventurous. She will now do things to live up to that. the same goes for “being fun” and “going for what she wants.” Now that she knows what you like, and how you expect her to act, she will align herself with those roles.

—– Compliance —–

It helps to make a girl much more compliant to your request. The benefits of having a compliant, horny, chick should be obvious. In order to make her compliant, start out by having her carry out small request. Example: holding your drink. Thats a small, safe request that most any girl will do. Then over time amp it up and make your request much bigger. She will get used to doing what you say and this makes the extraction to your place much easier.

In his Outer Game Guide, Chief has wrote a great post on the Compliance Ladder. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’m simply going to go tell you to read his post on compliance.

—– Closing —–

Over Gaming

Many guys fall victim to the curse over over gaming. Many time the chick will be ready to go home with the guy but he is still convinced he needs to do more gaming. Create more attraction, more social proof, more value, more comfort, more something. Their so worried about that, they don’t recognize her giving off the sings of being ready to go home. Always be shooting for the close.

Club Extractions

If the girl is horny enough, or comfortable enough with her sexuality, often times a simple “lets go” following by you taking her hand and leading her out of the club will work. Often times, however, she will need an excuse to go home with you so that she doesn’t feel like a slut. This is simple enough. Any of the old classic lines will work.

“Lets go back to my place, I have to show you something cool.”

“There is a great food joint, lets go check it out.” (of course, on the way stop at your house first, invite her in claiming you need to get something. Once inside, its on.)

There are litlery a million excuses you can use. Experiment and find one that works well for you. Just remember, LEAD don’t ask. Never ask “would you like to go back to my place.” just take her hand and start going. “Lets go check out this food joint.” As long as you have done the other stuff right, she will willingly go along. Extractions is as simple as that. Often times by doing all of this, you wont even get any LMR once shes back to your place.

—– Conclusion —–

In a nutshell, that is the very basics of my same night lay system. I do plan on expanding on some of these points and make them much more detailed in future post. Alright guys, time for you to get out there and put all of this into action. Peace.


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