The effect of physical looks on "game"

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ll just come right out and say it. Looks don’t fucking matter.

“But Warped I know a good loking guy that gets laid alot.”

Who fucking cares. I know ugly guys that probably gets laid more.

“But Warped, all good looking girls are with good looking guys.”

No their not, open your eyes.

“But warped, you have to have a strong jawline to attract women.”


Look guys, looks mean shit. When a girl does become attracted to you (or anyone) they will try to rationalize her attraction. Often times she will base that rationalization on looks. “I like this guy…must be because hes hot.” In reality, looks have noting to do with it.

However, even though looks have nothing to do with it they sure as hell cant hurt. Guess what guys…you don’t have to be ugly. You can at least become average. Proper grooming, good fashion, cool haircut, and confident body language will truely transform your physical appearance.

Make over shows do it all the fucking time. They take a chick or guy thats ugly as fuck, send them to a fashion and hair consultant and by the end of the show they look good again.

“By Warped, looks..”

Shut the hell up. Looks don’t mean anything.

People like to transfer blame. “She didn’t become attracted to me because I dont have a ‘Brad Pitt’ jawline.” No, in truth she didn’t become attracted to you because of something else…like a shitty personality. If you don’t get women, its not your looks its you. Accept it, fix it, get laid.

The way I figure it you have two options. Either sit and complain about shit that doesn’t matter (looks) or you can man up, approach some chicks and get laid. Its all up to you.


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