Guide to destroying Boy Friends

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Lately in the chatroom I have had several people PM me and tell me some story about how the girl they want has a boy friend. I figured I would just make a post that I cant point all of these guys too instead of explaining it each and every time.

***With power comes responsibility. Its cliche but also true. I’m not goint o sit here and preach my morals to you but please, do consider if its right to break a girl up with her boy friend. There are many fish in the sea.***

I’m not going o go too in depth on the whole topic but I will outline te four ways to destroy boy friends as I see it.

1) This method is the most simple and often times the most effective. Ignore the fact that she has a Boy Friend. Simply, its her problem, not yours. She bring him up, change the subject. Pretend she doesn’t even have one. This is how I usually do it and it works pretty good.

2) Use “The Straw Man” technique. This involves building her BF up to an unreachable level of greatness and then attacking the fact the he doesn’t reach that level of greatness. Basically, you make the BF out to be bigger than life.

Example: I could build George W. Bush up to something like a modern Jesus Christ [or whoever!] and then attack him for not quite measuring up to the ridiculous standard I presupposed him to have. I haven’t really attacked George Bush perse’, I’ve only attacked the fact that he’s not Jesus Christ [or whoever].

Some SMT BF Destroyers:

“It must be fucking awesome to have a man that can please you in every single way possible, both emotionally and physically.”

“I’ll bet you’re like his little princess that he would go to the end of the earth to satisfy your every desire no matter how silly it was….and no matter what the cost was for him….that is so cute.”

All credit for this technique goes to Adonis from The Charming Rogue. I’ve used the straw man in times when ignoring the BF doesn’t quite work.

3) Reframe everything the BF does as being a chode. Whenever she talks about her man, reframe all of his actions as being chodish. This is very simple and works wonders.

4) Use an NLP pattern BF destroyer. Back in the day these used to be quite popular. I don’t like them but I know some people that use them to success.

[link] Has quite a few NLP BF destroyers.

What not to do

– Dont criticize her boyfriend and constantly talk bad about him. All that does is make you appear low value and it insults her.

– Also, don’t sit there and endlessly listen to her relationship problems. That will land you in the friend zone pretty quickly. She has gay guys and best friends to listen to her problems. Your neither the best friend or a gay guy, your the sexy mother fucker that oozes sexuality!

No, go out, approach chicks and have fun.


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