Girls DO NOT equal happiness

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

All too often I see men trying to pick up women for many, many wrong reasons. One of those reasons is because the guy is UNHAPPY and he believes that a girl will bring him true HAPPINESS. The happiness that comes along with a girl is temporary.

Don’t get me wrong, a woman of quality can certainly add to the level of joy in our lives but they wont create that joy! The media constantly bombards with all kinds of fancy (and often shiny) products and ideas that they say will make you happy! that will give you joy! That will give your pathetic life meaning! And what do you have to for these things? THREE easy payments of ONLY $19.99!

Here is the truth guys, happiness is within you. Don’t get it? Read that line again.

Happiness is within you!

Its such a simple point but most men simply don’t realize it.

This is why I stress that Pick up should be a process of self improvement. Make your life and self better so that you’re happy. A woman can sense when a guy is filled with joy and she wants to be apart of that!

Being TRULY HAPPY is the BIGGEST attraction switch there is.

Are you happy? If the answer is anything but a “hell yes I am” then work on yourself.



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