Connect Better and be less Creepy

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Guys, one thing that really bothers me about the community is the terms most guys uses to refer to women.


This artificial language is fucking weird and extremely pointless. Such language frames the women as being an object. How can you deeply connect with an object? You cant! Because your mind views her as an object you wont be able to deeply connect with a female when interacting with her. The connection will be highly superficial.

This is why cops refer to victims as “case numbers.” It frames them more as an object than an actual human and therefore stops the cop from becoming emotionally attached.

Also, if you have ever been called creepy, creep people out, our send out a creepy vibe in general it most likley has something to do with how you look at them.

Because you use superficial terms such as “HB” you frame the girl as an object. Because shes framed as an object you look at her likes shes an object. THIS IS FUCKING CREEPY! Believe me guys, the girl picks up on this.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and destroy your chances at forming a real, deep, meaningful connection by using such stupid language.


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