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The Myth of Value

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Vale, one of the most misunderstood concepts in the community. I constantly get asked how a person can raise their value. I get asked about DHV stories, negs, and other value relating things all the time!

Guys, here is the truth about value:

Value is NOT that important!

Lets examine value for a second. Value is what makes you “acceptable” for a girl to talk too. Obviously if you have the “value” of a bum then your not as acceptable to talk to as a guy in a 10 thousand dollar suit.

Most guys know at east THAT much. Here is where the problem comes in. Guys get all obsessed with value and constantly worry about where their value is. They then try to manipulate both theirs and the girls value through DHV stories, negs, and other tools.

All of this, however, is counter productive to having a successful interaction leading to a solid close. Lets dive deeper into this:

DHV Stories

Stories that “Demonstrate Higher Value” are counter-productive. High value men do not go around trying to prove to women that their high value. High value men know that they don’t need to prove shit to a women and that the female is the one that needs to meet HIS standards. Trying to get a women to believe your high value is pretty gosh darn needy and on many levels, creepy!

If a high vale male tells a story, its to entertain himself and to have fun.


Negs are commonly used to “lower” a women’s perceived value. Here is the problem with this.

1) This assumes shes higher value than you and that you need to lower her value to that she will deem you “worthy.” The truth of the matter is, your the one who decides if shes worthy! No need to bring her value down.

2) High value guys actually RAISES her value. Its something I call Mutual Value Escalation. High Value Guys raise both his and her value because they have fun together! Also, a women loves a guy who she believes makes her more Valuable.

Value: A New Outlook

Now that we know DHV stories, Negs, and other value manipulating tactics are useless and counter productive, how should we view value?

When I approach a girl I honestly don’t even think of value. I don’t worry whre hers is at and I don’t worry about where mine is at. We are two people in a club (street, coffee shop…) both out for a good time. In my reality our value is the same. Its on a equal playing field!

Here is the truth: Just being fun, interesting, and non-creepy is value enough. Most guys she encounters will be pretty boring and creepy. But not you! You are different and that in itself gives you value.

Pop quiz! At the beginning I said Value was what?

“Value is what makes you “acceptable” for a girl to talk too.”

Ok, we know what value is now but what is our goal of even approaching the girl? Ultimately I’m going to guess you want to have sex with her.

Here is the problem: Value makes you acceptable to talk to. Girls find lots of guys acceptable to talk too, tons actually! But guess what, she doesn’t have sex with most of the guys shes talks too!

Ok, thats another piece of the puzzle! Value makes you acceptable to talk to but does not make the girl want to sleep with you. But, your goal is to sleep with her!

Using common sense now we can see that worrying about value (which most guys do to much) wont accomplish our goals. So what will?

Being sexual, sexual escalation, sexual tension, sexual state projection, and making her horny!

Most guys spend a ton of time on manipulating and worrying about value and not enough time on making her horny!

Next time you approach don’t worry about value, its a non-issue. Instead, maker her horny! Make her crave your manhood! Make her jump your bones!

Have Fun,
Warped Mindless.

Guide to destroying Boy Friends

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Lately in the chatroom I have had several people PM me and tell me some story about how the girl they want has a boy friend. I figured I would just make a post that I cant point all of these guys too instead of explaining it each and every time.

***With power comes responsibility. Its cliche but also true. I’m not goint o sit here and preach my morals to you but please, do consider if its right to break a girl up with her boy friend. There are many fish in the sea.***

I’m not going o go too in depth on the whole topic but I will outline te four ways to destroy boy friends as I see it.

1) This method is the most simple and often times the most effective. Ignore the fact that she has a Boy Friend. Simply, its her problem, not yours. She bring him up, change the subject. Pretend she doesn’t even have one. This is how I usually do it and it works pretty good.

2) Use “The Straw Man” technique. This involves building her BF up to an unreachable level of greatness and then attacking the fact the he doesn’t reach that level of greatness. Basically, you make the BF out to be bigger than life.

Example: I could build George W. Bush up to something like a modern Jesus Christ [or whoever!] and then attack him for not quite measuring up to the ridiculous standard I presupposed him to have. I haven’t really attacked George Bush perse’, I’ve only attacked the fact that he’s not Jesus Christ [or whoever].

Some SMT BF Destroyers:

“It must be fucking awesome to have a man that can please you in every single way possible, both emotionally and physically.”

“I’ll bet you’re like his little princess that he would go to the end of the earth to satisfy your every desire no matter how silly it was….and no matter what the cost was for him….that is so cute.”

All credit for this technique goes to Adonis from The Charming Rogue. I’ve used the straw man in times when ignoring the BF doesn’t quite work.

3) Reframe everything the BF does as being a chode. Whenever she talks about her man, reframe all of his actions as being chodish. This is very simple and works wonders.

4) Use an NLP pattern BF destroyer. Back in the day these used to be quite popular. I don’t like them but I know some people that use them to success.

[link] Has quite a few NLP BF destroyers.

What not to do

– Dont criticize her boyfriend and constantly talk bad about him. All that does is make you appear low value and it insults her.

– Also, don’t sit there and endlessly listen to her relationship problems. That will land you in the friend zone pretty quickly. She has gay guys and best friends to listen to her problems. Your neither the best friend or a gay guy, your the sexy mother fucker that oozes sexuality!

No, go out, approach chicks and have fun.

Girls DO NOT equal happiness

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

All too often I see men trying to pick up women for many, many wrong reasons. One of those reasons is because the guy is UNHAPPY and he believes that a girl will bring him true HAPPINESS. The happiness that comes along with a girl is temporary.

Don’t get me wrong, a woman of quality can certainly add to the level of joy in our lives but they wont create that joy! The media constantly bombards with all kinds of fancy (and often shiny) products and ideas that they say will make you happy! that will give you joy! That will give your pathetic life meaning! And what do you have to for these things? THREE easy payments of ONLY $19.99!

Here is the truth guys, happiness is within you. Don’t get it? Read that line again.

Happiness is within you!

Its such a simple point but most men simply don’t realize it.

This is why I stress that Pick up should be a process of self improvement. Make your life and self better so that you’re happy. A woman can sense when a guy is filled with joy and she wants to be apart of that!

Being TRULY HAPPY is the BIGGEST attraction switch there is.

Are you happy? If the answer is anything but a “hell yes I am” then work on yourself.


I’ll just come right out and say it. Looks don’t fucking matter.

“But Warped I know a good loking guy that gets laid alot.”

Who fucking cares. I know ugly guys that probably gets laid more.

“But Warped, all good looking girls are with good looking guys.”

No their not, open your eyes.

“But warped, you have to have a strong jawline to attract women.”


Look guys, looks mean shit. When a girl does become attracted to you (or anyone) they will try to rationalize her attraction. Often times she will base that rationalization on looks. “I like this guy…must be because hes hot.” In reality, looks have noting to do with it.

However, even though looks have nothing to do with it they sure as hell cant hurt. Guess what guys…you don’t have to be ugly. You can at least become average. Proper grooming, good fashion, cool haircut, and confident body language will truely transform your physical appearance.

Make over shows do it all the fucking time. They take a chick or guy thats ugly as fuck, send them to a fashion and hair consultant and by the end of the show they look good again.

“By Warped, looks..”

Shut the hell up. Looks don’t mean anything.

People like to transfer blame. “She didn’t become attracted to me because I dont have a ‘Brad Pitt’ jawline.” No, in truth she didn’t become attracted to you because of something else…like a shitty personality. If you don’t get women, its not your looks its you. Accept it, fix it, get laid.

The way I figure it you have two options. Either sit and complain about shit that doesn’t matter (looks) or you can man up, approach some chicks and get laid. Its all up to you.

From what I can tell(and from what I’ve seen) when most guy go out to practice daygame they hit up malls, busy shopping centers, large book stores, and super busy coffee shops. And what do these men see at all these places? A lot of fat women, some average girls, and RARELY and super hottie that turns you hard instantly.

Where are all the hotties during the day? Well Im not sure where they ALL are but I know where a good number of them can be found at!

Look through the newspaper and on the internet and find modeling agencies. Circle places in the paper that has an ad for casting calls that require hot women.

Step 2: Lets say I found in the paper an add that said something along the lines of:

“Jan. 25th, at Downtown Mall, casting calls being held for lead female role. Must be good looking and comfortable with nudity.”

You wouldn’t believe how many hotties will show up for it!

Step 3: Go get ’em!

Which one are you?

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

When it comes to this community there seems to be most two groups of guys.

Group 1: “Product Junkies”

The product junkies watch every video, listen to every audio, and read every text. They know tons of theory and but very little infield experience (or at least less than they should.)

Group 2: The “Anti-Product” Guy.

This group of men will usually preach something along the lines of “you don’t need products, just go meet women.” This group seems to find products most useless, (or less useful than infield experience.)

Most people wont admit to being in either one of these categories but the fact is, about 70 – 80% of guys on PUA discussion forums fit into one of these two.

I am in the minority. Both products and infield experience have a place. Here is my view on it:

View, listen, read as much as you want but spend THREE times as much time infield. For example:

“Flawless Natural” by RSD is a 6 hour (roughly) long DVD course. Feel free to watch it but make sure you spend 18 hours in field after watching it.

I call it “The 3:1 ratio”

Personally, I have studied almost all the major products and some less known ones as well. I have also kept the 3:1 ratio has my main rule. One of the reasons I have became so good is because I both viewed the products AND got valuable infield experience.

Both products and infield experience have its place. Don’t fall into the trap of being in one of the two groups. Be your own damn group!